The Shipping Association of Nigeria, normally referred to as SAN, was formed in 1996 by the major shipping lines agents operating in Nigeria with the main objective of providing a common platform for championing and protecting the interests of its members, and to represent them in dealings with the Federal and States governments and their agencies, and with other maritime stakeholder groups.
SAN is officially registered as the Incorporated Trustees of Association of Shipping Lines Agents with its registered office located in Apapa, Lagos State.

The Aims and Objectives of the Association
a) To encourage and help in the collection, exchange and dissemination of useful information among ship owners and shipping lines agents.

b) To organize workshops, seminars, meetings, trainings and conferences to sensitize the public and its members on policies that promote shipping business and services.

c) To carry out programmes aimed at empowering and encouraging shipping lines agents and their customers.

d) To cooperate and liaise with the relevant agencies of the Federal and State governments to offer any advice or recommendations in regard to matters concerning shipping and anything likely to affect the business interest of its members.

e) To promote consideration and discussion of questions connected with or related to shipping.

f) To undertake or execute any Trust that may seem to the Association conducive to any of its objects.
g) To liaise with any other organization and governmental agencies in Nigeria or elsewhere for the purpose of promoting healthy and efficient shipping services in Nigeria.

The Association is neither a trade union nor does it concern itself with trade union or industrial relations issues. The Association does not concern itself with the commercial matters of its members as they affect their business relationship with their principals, customers or other parties. It does not discuss or negotiate rates or charges of or on behalf of its members.